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About Dr Joe Cardaci

Dr Joe Cardaci
Dr. Cardaci is a leading Nuclear Medicine Physician with over 25 years experience in diagnostic and therapeutic Nuclear Medicine. He has been at the forefront of Nuclear Medicine practice in the private sector of Western Australia.
He has been a pioneer in the introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic applications in his state. Some of his achievements include :

  • First Nuclear Medicine Physician in Austalia to adminsiter SIRT Spheres
  • First private practice in Australia to offer SIRT Sphere therapy
  • First installation of a SPECT-CT gamma camera system in the private sector in Western Australia
  • First installation of a solid state dedicated Breast Molecular Imaging camera in Australia
  • First private practice in Australia to establish a Lutetium therapy service for advanced prostate and neuroendocrine cancers
  • First private practice in Western Australia to offer radioiodine therapy service for benign thyroid disease.
  • He is also well known as a General Medicine Physician and runs an academic Medical Unit at Hollywood Private Hospital. He is Adjunct Associate Professor at Univeristy of Notre Dame, Fremantle, and is actively involved in under-graduate and post-graduate medical education.
  • Dr Cardaci and his team have established a highly specialised boutique Nuclear Medicine service with a focus on innovation, quality, and early access to novel cancer therapies to give hope to patients living with novel cancer.

Our Mission

  • To provide a high quality, personalised, molecular diagnostic imaging service
  • To make new and innovative radionuclide cancer therapies available to patients with advanced cancer
  • To drive research in new cancer therapies